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AME 517 – Radiation Heat Transfer- Fall 2009

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Information about the course (some links are inactive and will be activated as needed):


Problem set #1

Problem set #2

Problem set #3

Problem set #4

Midterm exam study guide

Problem set #5

Problem set #6

Final exam study guide

Possibly useful resources:

Spreadsheet for calculating Planck function and integrating the Planck function over a window of wavelengths

Excel spreadsheet for calculating gray radiative transfer between 4 diffusely or specularly reflecting surfaces

Extensive radiation shape factor catalog (from Prof. J. R. Howell, Univ. of Texas)

Summary of facts about radiative transfer in participating medium

Excel spreadsheet for calculating Planck mean absorption coefficients and total emission from optically thin and Hottel/Leckner models

Plot of Planck mean absorption coefficients

Excel spreadsheet for calculating transmissivity for H2O, CO2 and CO using the Statistical Narrow Band Malkmus model

Mie scattering tools:

Scatlab (windows executable program) (it's free)

On-line Mie scattering calculator from Oregon Medical Laser Center

PDR’s tips for successful analysis and research in general