AME 331, Spring 2008

Problem set #2

Assigned:  February 8, 2008

Due:  February 15, 2008, 4:30 pm in OHE 430


Analytical problem:  Holman 3-2  (Answer:  0.92; 8% error)

Shape factor problem:  3-10

Shape factor problem:  3-20  (Answer:  640 W/m)

Numerical problems:


For the numerical problems check the accuracy of your results by increasing the resolution in the x and y directions by a factor of 2 (that is, decrease both Dx and Dy by a factor of 2).


You can download and use the blank Excel spreadsheet from the website at Steady2DConduction.xls

Two example worked spreadsheets are also available on the website:

Comparison of analytical and numerical results for the problem in section 3-2

Numerical solution for Holman example 3-10