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Problem set #1 - Chemical thermodynamics

Problem set #2 - Combustion

Problem set #3 - Unsteady-flow engines - ideal cycle analysis

Problem set #4 - Unsteady-flow engines - nonideal cycle effects

Problem set #5 - Steady-flow engines - ideal cycle analysis

Problem set #6 - Steady-flow engines - nonideal cycle effects


Midterm exam #1 study guide

Midterm exam #2 study guide

Final exam study guide


.pdf version of all lectures (humongous file, but useful for searches)


(Lecture files are copied from last yearŐs course but will be updated as needed)

Lecture 1 files (Introduction)

Lecture 2 files (Chemical thermodynamics I - 1st Law)

Lecture 3 files (Chemical thermodynamics II - 2nd Law)

Lecture 4 files (Chemical reactions and combustion)

Lecture 5 files (Pollutant formation and remediation)

Lecture 6 files (Unsteady-flow engines 1 - basic operating principles, design and performance parameters)

Lecture 7 files (Unsteady-flow engines 2 - using P-V and T-s diagrams)

Lecture 8 files (Unsteady-flow engines 3 - ideal cycle analysis)

Lecture 9 files (Unsteady-flow engines 4 - non-ideal cycle analysis)

Lecture 10 files (Unsteady-flow engines 5 - combustion in engines)

Lecture 11 files (Steady-flow engines 1 -thrust and aircraft range)

Lecture 12 files (Steady-flow engines 2 - compressible flow)

Lecture 13 files (Steady-flow engines 3 - ideal performance of turbojets and turbofans)

Lecture 14 files (Steady-flow engines 4 - non-ideal performance)

Lecture 15 files (Steady-flow engines 5 - hypersonic propulsion)


Other ŇusefulÓ links

Excel spreadsheet with thermodynamic data for gases commonly associated with combustion processes

Website to download GASEQ chemical thermodynamics program for Windows (written by Dr. Chris Morely)

On-line chemical thermodynamics calculator (from Colorado State University)

On-line chemical kinetics calculator (also from Colorado State University)

On-line transport property calculator (also from Colorado State University)