AME 331, Spring 2008

Problem set #3

Assigned:  February 22, 2008

Due:  February 29, 2008, 4:30 pm in OHE 430


Lumped capacity problem: 4-11

Semi-infinite problem:  4-21  (Answer:  102C)

Heisler chart problem: 4-47

Multidimensional Heisler chart problem: 4-56 (Answer:  5200 seconds)

Numerical problems:

    Calculating nodal equations: 4-73

    Plain vanilla numerical problem: 4-88 (Partial answer: T5 = 205C after 10 time steps with Dt = 25 sec)

    With heat generation:  4-97  (Partial answer: T2 = 1348C after 10 time steps with Dt = 4.37 sec)


For the numerical problems check the accuracy of your results by increasing the resolution in the x and y directions by a factor of 2 (that is, decrease both Dx and Dy by a factor of 2).

Possibly useful links:

Excel spreadsheet:  Generic 1D unsteady conduction

Download Windows program for Heisler chart type calculations (From Prof. R. J. Ribando, Univ. of Virginia)

Excel spreadsheet:  Generic 2D unsteady conduction