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AME101 – Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Graphics - Fall 2016 class

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AME436 – Energy and Propulsion - Spring 2016 class

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AME514 – Applications of Combustion - Spring 2017 class

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AME513 – Principles of Combustion - Fall 2012 class

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AME517 – Radiation Heat Transfer - Fall 2009 class

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AME331 – Heat Transfer - Spring 2008 class

PDR’s perspective on space flight training

Why do we use hydrocarbon-fueled internal combustion engines?  There’s something much better, right?

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Report on Bernard Lewis Visiting Lecturer Fellowship

What is mechanical engineering?

“The Many Lives of Engineers" - marathons

Utah canyoneering – Combustion Physics Lab outing

Serendipity and contrarianism in research:

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Pi Tau Sigma - 2016 National Convention at USC

Contact information

Professor Paul D. Ronney

Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Viterbi School of Engineering

OHE 430J

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA 90089-1453

(213) 740-0490 (phone); (213) 740-8071 (fax)

Email:; home page: